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Cocoburst ( single pack) chocolate bonbons

Cocoburst ( single pack) chocolate bonbons


Indulge in the perfect combination of rich dark chocolate, tantalizing coconut, delightful melon seeds, and sumptuous white chocolate filling. Experience the pure bliss of our Dark Chocolate Bon Bons and elevate your chocolate tasting experience to new heights.


Dark chocolate. Coconut filling. Melon seeds.

With each bite, you'll experience the contrasting textures and flavors that make these bon bons truly exceptional. The luscious coconut adds a tropical twist, while the melon seeds provide a subtle crunch, creating a delightful interplay of sensations. The creamy white chocolate filling brings a touch of sweetness, perfectly complementing the deep, intense notes of the dark chocolate shell.

Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, these bon bons are a testament to our commitment to using only the finest ingredients. The dark chocolate shell boasts a luxuriously smooth and glossy finish, hinting at the unparalleled pleasure that awaits inside.

These dark chocolate bon bons are an ideal choice for both gifting and personal enjoyment. Whether you're savoring them as an after-dinner treat, sharing them with loved ones, or surprising someone special, they are guaranteed to impress even the most discerning chocolate connoisseurs.

( 4 bonbons in 1 pack)

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