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A start-up launched by a sister Duo early in the year, with a vision to create quality products that are superior, unique, delicious, innovative and brings joy and happiness with every package.

Wrapped Up Love, based in Mumbai focuses on Luxe gifting, gourmet, scented candles and other range of our products with an aim to spread love with each and every hamper or product delivered by us.


We know the kind of effect love and affection has and thus we bring to you our nutritious and health centered products, personally packed and wrapped up in tiny bits of love for you and your loved ones.

WRAPPED UP LOVE store is all about wrapping up pieces of love and providing our customers an enthralling experience, of receiving and unboxing packages along with providing the finest quality products, enhancing the way of gifting and sending, unique gifting packages for you and your loved ones.


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Food engineer and technologist
(Institute of Chemical Technology,Mumbai)

With wrapped up love,and a background in food and chemical technology, she intends turn her vision into reality and create products that are innovative, healthy, nutritious yet delicious, and launch gourmet items that brings the same joy, happiness, and contentment to the consumers as it does to her!


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Aesthetic Dental surgeon
(Govt. Dental College, Mumbai)

With a keen eye for aesthetics, she wants to create products that are aesthetically pleasing, and packaged in a way that makes someone's day and is a beautiful experience to unravel! She intends to create quality products that are luxurious but affordable and make gifting easier and more personal.


Make in India is something that we deeply resonate with and implement and want to contribute our bit to, it was one of the first things that we discussed while starting this brand.

All our products are sourced and manufactured by us in India, we specifically choose raw materials and source products that are manufactured in India.

We are bringing in the age old traditional Indian snacks in our gourmet collection that we have grown up munching on, that are super healthy, nutritious and truly Indian , be it foxnuts (makhanas) or jowar puffs! Our chocolates, soy scented candles are all sourced, manufactured and processed by us in India.

Being a truly Indian home grown brand is something we are deeply proud of , it gives us the flexibility and convenience to source our raw materials and at the same time provides employment to these sectors and we are able to contribute our bit back to the community!


Everything else is important , until you fall sick , and then, being healthy becomes the only priority,  nothing else matters anymore.  
Co-founders Dr.Sonali and Rakshita Prasad learnt it the hard way!  
When Sonali fell chronically ill, it took a long time for her to fight and recover from it, and the  abundant love and support she received from her loved ones helped her get through it all and come out stronger!  
During this time, Rakshita, with an interest in food products and cooking, started creating food recipes that were healthy, nutritious and hygienic,  to help her sister's speedy recovery! 
And she did recover miraculously sooner than expected!  
The founders Dr. Sonali, an aesthetic dental surgeon and Rakshita, a food technologist, understand  how important love and support from loved ones is for one's mental and physical wellbeing ,and  how being healthy matters above all, but is often neglected.  

So, with Wrapped Up Love ,they focus on creating products and hampers that bring happiness and  spread love to your loved ones with every package wrapped and personally packed with love, and  are healthy ,nutritious, unique and hygienic, also mood elevating for your mental well-being , such as  gourmet snacks, aromatherapy scented candles and more!  
Starting from scratch and building from the ground up, while bootstrapping the startup, it has been an incredible journey with the immense amount of support that they have recieved from their customers.
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